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A hobby. An escape. A passion.         

It started out innocent enough. I bought a 69’ K1 yellow Honda in ’75 just for fun; something to tool around on. A few years later I had my daughter and thought it would be neat to take the Honda up to our cabin and drive her around on rural, mountain roads. Little did I know, but quickly learned that you can’t tell your 5 year old you can't go for a ride because the motorcycle won’t start and thus began the learning the intimate knowledge of how to make a broke bike fixed.

After retiring in ’03, I was bored. I started listening to Swap Shop (a program on a local radio station) and heard several ads for cheap broken Honda 90’s and thought, ‘I know how to make a broke bike fixed; might be a good hobby.’ Again, it started out innocent enough…Now I have a dozen bikes in my garage at any given time. Repairing, restoring and even servicing other enthusiast’s Honda’s. It is what I love to do.

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